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"Man of the People."
City Beat article on Judge Painter

"Republican Painter_Time to Impeach Trump.":
President Trump made a lot of promises on fixing infrastructure, but there’s been no movement since he became president. Video provided by Newsy Newslook

American Bar Association
Largest Association of Lawyers

Court of Appeals Website
All decisions during the last 90 days. Searchable.

Legal Humor Web Site
Four of Judge Painter’s opinions discussed: Lawyers Against Redundancy UniteTake Me Out to the Ball Game and the Court of AppealsYou Won’t Find That Door Ornament at Home DepotHorsing Around

Ohio Appellate Practice

Ohio Driving Under the Influence Law, 2005 ed.

Ohio State Bar Association
Ohio Lawyers

Plain Language International Network
A site devoted to plain language documents. Judge Painter’s article published there requires Adobe Acrobat reader.

The Legal Writer Third Edition: 40 Rules to Improve the Art of Legal Writing

Write Well: 25 Easy Rules to Improve your Business and Professional Writing